Tavous Behrang Farin

The company is a supplier various dyes and manufacturer textile auxiliaries.

Due to the ten-year experience of the members of the company in the field of production, all the products have been selected based on practical experiences and tested many times in different production conditions. Since the company communicates with the technical units of textile factories, it examines the factories' desired options and updates the material based on their need.

It should be noted that Farin's products are selected by both high quality and affordable price.

The company was established in 1398 (2018) in a bid to share its production experience for choosing appropriate dyes and also textile materials.

The concern of all textile factories and employers is to choose the right, appropriate and at the same time cost-effective textile dyes and materials, in order to achieve a reasonable and competitive price with good quality. In this regard, our company is choosing the right sources of imports of dyes and chemicals as well as the production of textiles in the country, it also considers both the quality and the appropriate price.