Farinstate Conc.

This antistatic substance is an effective polymer compound, which is used to eliminate the electric charge of synthetic fibers.

Physical characteristics

Chemical composition: A mixture of polymeric compounds

Appearance: clear and colorless liquid

Ionic structure: nanoic

PH: Approximately 7

Solubility: Dissolves in cold water at any rate.

features and characteristics:

This material has no foam and has no negative effect on the product.

This material can be used well in pad and exhuast methods.

It can be used in the final finishing of the fabric before the calender and the raising to prevent static electricity.

Application and method:

Depending on the needs of the consumer and the type of fibers between 5 to 20 g/l.

storage conditions:

Shelf life: in closed containers at room temperature for 6 months

Packing: 100,120,200 kg plastic barrels depending on customer's request