Faroperse LV

This material is a strong dispersing and leveling agent that is used in disperse dyeing.

Physical properties:

Chemical composition: A mixture of polymers and fatty alcohols

Appearance: Yellow liquid

Structural: Nanonic

Solubility: Soluble directly in water in any proportion


features and characteristics

It is environmentally friendly and has no carrier compounds.

Eliminates the risk of staining the fabric due to the homogeneous distribution of dye molecules.

Due to its high leveling properties, it does not have the problems of part-to-part differences.

Prevents the accumulation and formation of dye sediments in the dye bath.

It has high dispersing power.

Can be used for dyeing yarn and fabric.

Application and method:

Consumption in HT dyeing system between 0.2-0.5 g/l

Storage conditions

Shelf life: in closed containers at room temperature for 6 months

Packing: 100,120,200 kg plastic barrels depending on customer's request.