Farosoap CU

This material is a suitable curing and bleaching agent that is used for cotton fabrics.

Physical characteristics

Chemical composition: A mixture of ethoxylated fatty alcohols

Appearance: Yellow liquid

Structural: Anionic - Non-anionic

pH (10% solution): between 4 and 5

Solubility: Soluble directly in water in any proportion

features and characteristics:

After bleaching with this material, increase the hydrophilic properties and the penetration of dyes and materials.

Fabrics bleached with this material have a high degree of whiteness

Application and method:

Depending on whether the cotton fabric is pure or a mixture; 0.5 to 1 g/l can be used.

storage conditions

Shelf life: in closed containers at room temperature for 6 months

Packing: 100,120,200 kg plastic barrels depending on customer's request