Farowash E

This material is a combined soap that is a suitable detergent and cleanser after dyeing the cotton fabrics.

Physical characteristics:

Chemical composition: A mixture of different surfactants

Appearance: clear liquid

Structural: Anionic

pH: between 7 and 8

Solubility: Soluble directly in water in any proportion

Features and characteristics

Strong remover of reactive hydrolyzed dyes.

Multiplier of washing fastness

This soap reduces the washing process.

It is resistant to hardness of water and various acidic and alkaline pHs.

Application and method

Should be used in the amount of 1 g/l for 40 minutes at 95 ° C.

Storage conditions

Shelf life: in closed containers at room temperature for 6 months

Packing: 100,120,200 kg plastic barrels depending on customer's request